• Warning: Spoilers
    **SPOILERS** James Coburn acting more like a hard boiled private dick then a doctor is out to find out who's responsible for the death of 15 year old Karen Randell, Melissa Torme-March. This in order to clear his friend and fellow Boston Memorial Hospital doctor David Tao, James Hong, who it turns out does illegal abortions on the side.

    Karen just happens to be the daughter of the head doctor of Boston Memorial J.D Randell, Dan O'Herlihy, and later it's discovered to Dr. Carey's surprise that he not only finds out from Dr. Tao that he didn't preform an abortion on Karen but after a police criminal postmortem it's revealed that she wasn't pregnant! The movie has Dr. Carey have a lady friend pretty hospital dietitian Georgia Hightower, Jennifer O'Neill, who by being totally wasted bogs down the story with a useless affair. There's an off-the-wall and ridiculous moment in the film where both Dr. Carey and Georgia are secretly photographer while in bed by Sol Schwade, who made sure that they both would see him. This was put into the film just to have a mindless chase scene that in the end ,with Dr. Carey getting a hold of Schwade's camera and film, doesn't amount to anything worthwhile in the plot.

    Dr. Carey start to unearth Karen's past and finds through her roommate Lydia, Jennifer Edwards, in the private school that they both attend that Karen fooled around with a lot of guys in and off campus. Karen mostly played around with Lydia's, ex-boyfriend Roger Hudson, Michael Bodgett, who works as a masseuse at the Challahan steam and bath house in downtown Boston. Carey got this information out of Lydia by almost killing her in a wild crazy and almost suicidal ride smashing his car through the city streets and seaside country roads as he gave her a lift back home.

    At the Callahan Bath House Carey blows his cover by being so abrasive and threatening to Roger, whom he demanded as a masseuse, that Roger almost ran him down some time later when Carey left the place to make a phone call. Recovering from his injuries Carey, barley being able to walk, zeros in on nurse Angela Hlden, Skye Aubrey. Angela is not only Rogers girlfriend but also a junkie who supply's herself and Roger with drugs that she steals from the hospital pharmacy.

    Carey found out about Angela's criminal activities when she herself was attacked and knifed by a drug-crazed Roger, whom she also did a number on with a broken laboratory jar, in order to shut Angela up about what she and him were up to. Later It's also found out by Dr. Carey that it was Angela who gave Karen that blotched unnecessary and fatal abortion in order to collect $300.00 to pay for her and Roger's drugs. It turned out that the pharmacy was temporarily closed down to the hospital staff due to the pilfering going on there.

    Dr. Carey recovering from his injuries in a hospital room is then again attacked by the bleeding and drug dependent Roger. Before he could finish Carey off, after slashing his attending nurse, Roger is gunned down by the police in the person of Capt. Person, Pat Hengle. Capt. Person got there just in time to put and end to Roger's drug induced rampage.

    The most disturbing scene in the movie had nothing to do with the abortions or autopsies but with good guy Dr. Carey injecting Angela with a saline solution putting her into excruciating and unbearable pain in order to make her tell him who's responsible for Karen's death, which it turned out was Angela herself. At the same time Dr. Carey was holding back the only thing that would stop Angela's pain and suffering, until she talked, a syringe of morphine. This was like what you would have expected to see in movies made during WWII with Germans and Japanese mad and sadistic doctors and scientists. Not in a movie about a certified and licensed American doctor, Peter Carey, in a big metropolitan hospital with a Boston police captain, Person, present!