• Warning: Spoilers
    Watch as contestants run over rolling logs mid-air, Intentionally run into walls at full speed, Run through a maze and belly flop into gritty toxic sludge looking water. Run across floating boulders only to slip and land face first on one, Leap over obstacles teen feet in the air on a moving wake board. Not to mention running up hill toward massive boulders rolling down a very tight fitting path. MXC features hilarious Voice Overs and even more hilarious spills, falls & flops by the most moronic people ever permitted on cable television. The hosts are just as funny as well, Constantly making fun of the contestants as they hurt themselves in the weirdest and most painful ways. On Location Hosts like the mighty Captain Tenneal or the perverted Guy LeDouche will have

    the tears running in no time with their many hilarious antics. This is a Must-See for comedy lovers especially if you think people doing dumb stuff at will is funny cause this is the Godfather of "People doing dumb stuff" shows!