• Warning: Spoilers
    Not bad, I hope it lives up to Olvidarte Jamas with the same writer and many of the same talented actors/actresses. I am glad to see that everyone that deserves credit is getting it with IMDb...In Olvidate Jamas, Carlos Caballero was not credited at all considering that he was a main character. I have written IMDb about this multiple times and he remains uncredited for his wonderful portrayal of Macario. 'Mi Vida Eres Tu' tells the story of young Daniela's search for love...she is first betrayed by her novio, Ricardo with a good friend, Amparo. She then meets Gabriel, who lies to her about being a mechanic once he finds out that she doesn't like spoiled rich boys. She falls in love with him, but he betrays her by lying to her about being a radio host. Daniela also befriends Aristeo, a Mafia child that is obsessed with her because of her resemblance to his murdered and sainted mother, Barbara. Daniela is also surrounded by a father that leads a double life with the Mafia, one good friend (Ana)that sticks with her through thick and thin, a brother that spills all of his sister's secrets to a rich, spoiled girl after losing his virginity, and a loving mother that has no idea that the man she has raised 2 children with is involved in the Mafia. Aristeo vows to possess Daniela, not knowing that his own father is the man that murdered his mother. He believes that his mother's killer is a mysterious man named 'George Smith' who has own vendetta against Aristeo's father, Manuel Boriaga.