• This game has all - except good graphics, but being the oldest and first game in the serial, that can be overlooked. Great story is the first reason why I would recommend Blood Omen to everyone. Story is good, occupies your attention 'till the very end. Characters are great, and their motives, at the end, ominously clear. Surely it is a rare occasion to meet story that includes vampires, twists of fate, all kinds of magic, and an ancient evil, but all in a great mix, giving you the greatest story ever told in a video game. Gameplay is also very good, especially casting of the spells, and powers. Voice actor are exceptionally good, you can see that they have hired professionals, this is one of the best aspects of the game. Simon Templeman's great voice acting has reminded me of Jeremy Brett's diction in Sherlock Holmes series. They have left a great impression to me. This story is a backbone to the serial, and believe me, it has made of me a fan of LoK. I hated the LoK, until one day I have acquired all parts, and started playing it by the order they were released. This game is definitely my favorite game, and you would not regret playing it, forgive them for poor graphics.