• As an adult watching the Looney Tunes cartoons, I'm always amazed at some of the spoofs and references thrown in that I didn't recognize when I was three and four. I get the feeling that the people behind the cartoons probably used some of their own experiences as inspiration (let's face it: there's lots to spoof in Hollywood). So, "Curtain Razor" features Porky Pig as a talent agent auditioning various and sundry misfits to see whether or not he can find spots for them. Now that I think about it, the final scene was sort of a strange thing to show in something intended for children.

    OK, so I admit that I don't know whether or not this cartoon was based on a real experience. But either way, it's great to watch, hearing Porky grouchily stutter comments about the hokey acts that he has to watch. You're sure to like it.

    "I can only do it once". Well, you can watch this cartoon many times and still like it.