• Warning: Spoilers
    This show start as usual, we meet the family, the Senator, his young wife and his son, much later we meet his daughter, they are all nice and gentle, just one unusual phone call and that's it, next thing we know, she goes to take a fake phone call and gets snatched, 'Vanished' ensues.

    We meet the FBI agent, some guy, or boy to be more precise, with some demographically chosen confusing ethnic background, is finishing a rescue mission, the scene is actually quite good, but the filming was so bad and almost as fake as the one that happened next, the boy blows up and the agent goes flying away from the 'green screen' in front of him, then we see him mourning in a church, in front of a group of children singing while some priest tries to analyze him in a scene that beats the records of clichés per scene, next thing we know he receives a phone call, duty calls, 'I'll be there in 15 minutes' he replies to the caller.

    Gale Harold portrays Agent Graham Kelton, a bad ripoff of the usual tough flawed hero that Bruce Willis plays with perfection, from the start this guy is a piece of sh!t, he treats everybody like crap, he is overly aggressive and hostile toward everybody, and I mean everybody, Agent Graham, even tho they try to portray him as a complex character, is terribly bidimensional, and the acting of Gale Harold, or the lack of it, doesn't help, considering he has the same pose and face the entire pilot.

    Graham, after treating like crap everybody right from the beginning, including the the family of the victim, stumble into a far fetched story of a decade spanning set of murders and kidnappings, with him finding a dead woman who was kidnapped exactly ten years ago, that they immediately recognize, they found her and others with a series of numbers a bunch of clues and near the end, the Senator thanks him for his hostility and ask for him to do all he can to bring his wife home, oh yeah, that after they put the daughter, son, ex-wife and the daughter's boyfriends in a complicated web of people involved somehow with the kidnapping in a way that would make a Hercule Poirot novel look like a straight-forward book, and all that in the pilot.

    Overall, this show is awful the characters are awful, the lead character is enough to kill the show with his bad performance and worst character and the story is so fake and try so hard to look as complicated as it can, that it looks something you would expect from a bad episode of 'Lost' or 'Alias'.