• Warning: Spoilers
    Having seen recently "The Ox Bow Incident" I wonder what happened in the years between when "The Virginian" was written and Ox Bow came out. I think people realized that even in the old west a man had the right to a trial. The Virginian is the story of teacher who leaves Vermont and goes to Wyoming. There she meets the Virginian (Joel McCrea) who falls in love with her. There are three features in The Virginian that makes it above average: 1) the West seen through the eyes of a woman who comes from a civilized East. 2) the shocking severity in relation to the cattle rustlers, where even friendship does not count. It is hard to agree with it or accept it, but people at the time the book was written used to think of the West as a totally different world. It is interesting because it shows us the way of thinking at that time. 3) The showdown at the end, at the day of the wedding, it has a lot to do with "High Noon", which was made much later.