• Warning: Spoilers
    The last episode of Buck ends on a disappointing note. Buck takes aboard a supposedly pretty fugitive woman being chased by the masked Dorian police onto the Searcher. When contacted by the Dorians, Buck refuses to hand over the fugitive woman who is a wanted murderer and faces death. In return, the Dorians hold the Searcher hostage and torture the crew by controlling the temperature of the Searcher and alternating it between cold and hot. Unknown to Buck, the passengers on the Searcher vote amongst themselves and decide to hand over the fugitive to the Dorians. Buck goes aboard the Dorian ship where he saves the woman when the truth of the real murder leaks out and the terrible Dorian secret is revealed. The last series and final episode is unrecognizable from the first and has lost all the qualities that made it entertaining. A new production team has taken over the show and the only things that remain are Buck and Wilma. A creative decision seems to have been made to make Buck serious science fiction drama and to jettison the heavy camp factor of the Glen Larson days. However, in doing so, they also seem to have exorcised the entertainment value. The problem with attempting serious drama is that it has to be done well which it it isn't here. This episode is a hackneyed, common story transplanted into space with little or no science fiction elements which has been done better elsewhere. This episode was so predictable, and boring that is was practically unwatchable. The series mercifully ends but on a bum note, and sinks into TV nostalgia land.