• Warning: Spoilers
    I willingly collect all these "The Perfect ..." films and enjoy this type of movie .... perfect neighbour, perfect tenant, perfect wife, perfect nanny etc .. However I must admit that this is the first ( and hopefully the only of the series ) to be rather a let-down plot-wise. Basically the plot is too shallow and there is nowhere near enough nail-biting suspense ( compare with "The Perfect Wife" - you'll notice the difference ). I like the actor Perry King and am totally subdued by the gorgeous Susan Blakely but even these two could not save the film. As I said, the plot was badly constructed. Obviously this kind of film is fairly predictable as to the outcome - that is not a defect for me - but I like the plot to have some good surprises and suspense even if I know what the final outcome will be. In addition, the performance of Donna is not convincing. I have seen many films with beautiful but psychotic women but this one fails to convince. Additionally, when Donna is killed by Blakely with one pathetic gunshot that sounded like a kid's pôp-gun, I couldn't believe that was the end. Surely something more dramatic had to follow ? Alas not, and when I saw the end credits start to roll, I thought to myself "what a waste of a film", surely they could have come up with something better than this. Perry King, Susan Blakely and Tracy were great but what can great actors do without a sufficiently good plot ?