• Warning: Spoilers
    As I watched the movie I was first annoyed because it looked like it was going to be yet another one of those "Israelis are evil" films. Indeed it does seem that way at times, but I guess sometimes if you look at yourself (or your people) in the mirror, you may see something you don't like. Although I STRONGLY believe Israel has the right to defend itself, It's not good if innocent people are killed (such as this journalist who had no malicious intent.) The saving grace of the movie, I think, is that it shows these little kids (11-14) who dream of being martyrs. They show school classes where the teachers ask who the occupiers are, etc... It shows where the seeds of hatred are planted. There is a bone-chilling moment in the film where a FIVE YEAR OLD GIRL says she hates the Israelis and calls them "sons of dogs". The journalist asks if the girl has ever seen an Israeli, and the girl says "on TV". The mother is of course standing beside her kid, and makes no excuse for what the kid says, nor does she try to stop the kid from saying it.

    I think, ultimately, this movie shows that simply killing terrorists will not win you a war on terror because the death is only used as a recruiting tool by the terrorists.