• Warning: Spoilers
    I'm watching this documentary reconstruction on the French CBC (Radio-Canada) in Toronto. It is the French translation (narrator: Jean Reno) of the British BBC film that has just been shown in England a few days ago. It is overwhelming. It successfully collages a lot of the information available from the survivors of the Twin Towers in a "Night to Remember"-like film, mixing the testimony of survivors and relatives of survivors with recreations of their escape or entrapment stories, except that what took several decades of research to do for the "Titanic" has been put together in only five years. The rival French chain TVA is showing a film about Flight 93 and CBC Newsworld has a docu called "The Falling Man". The only American chain showing anything special about September 11 is ABC ("The Path to 9/11"). Weird. Doesn't anyone want to know or would it have been too much for most people? I also notice "TV Guide" deals with this 5-year old event as if it never happened. I admit watching this film is nerve-wracking and not for the faint of heart. On the plus side, the amazement at the technical achievement in simple story-telling, involving many devices like 3-D plans and CGI recreations of many interiors gradually replaces the natural horror that one might feel at this subject. The heroism and the tragedy of the characters, victims and survivors alike, come through in a dignified and affecting manner, as does the retelling of what can only be termed miracles.