• Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was terrible. The story line seemed quite interesting at first but still it turned out to be pretty bad. Jill (the horribly wooden Camilla Belle) goes over her cell phone minutes and is forced to babysit for a rich family who lives in a beautiful mansion in the middle of nowhere. It's the perfect job. Nice house to explore, children are asleep, fridge is stocked. Until she starts getting calls from a stranger asking "have you checked the children?". Of course you all know, the calls are coming from inside the house.

    First of all, there was no twist ending. The stranger just ended up being some random serial killer, stalking and murdering young babysitters. The killer and the girl were such idiots. A pointless waste of time.

    Second, this movie had plot holes the size of Texas. For example, when the police trace Jill's call and find out they are coming from inside the house, why did they not catch on and tell her that there is a serial killer? How did the blonde friend know where the house was? The blonde friend was killed outside, how did her body get in the bathroom of the house?

    Camilla Belle is one of the worst actresses to ever grace the screen. She was just so bad it was unbelievable. Line after line was delivered without emotion and she had this dumb blank stare constantly on her face.

    She's pretty though, and her all wet in the pool kept me from falling asleep.