• The series is supposedly set in Boston, but is about as authentically Bostonian as a Philly cheese steak (I think it's mostly filmed in Toronto - it's DEFINITELY not filmed in Boston). Apart from that, I found it painfully predictable. Some episodes haven't just *blurred* the line between real science and the supernatural, they've plowed up the ground that the line was drawn on and dynamited the underlying bedrock.

    In other words, for a show which purports to have a mystery element, the writers simply don't play fair with the viewers.

    The show also suffers from more than a tinge of "Providence" syndrome - the heroine is SOOO perfect (albeit in a "bad girl" way), almost always right when she bucks the system (except for a few "very special" plots where she makes a mistake and Learns Something About Herself), and every man is in love with her. Annoying! I did like the characters of Bug and Nigel. They were funny and well-acted. But they don't make up for poor writing and utterly stale plots.