• Warning: Spoilers
    But despite the sometimes overly violent scenes, I think it great that the show is marketed towards little tots like my nephews because only children that age can be naive enough not to read into the wise-cracking and very subjective manner of the show. Okay the main idea is; Martin Mystery (the title character) and his step-sister Diana take assignment orders from their M.O.M. (Mistress of Mysteries) via a secret center. Upon receiving their new assignments each new episode, the duo go about fighting the glob goo spewing vermin that threaten the earth, but not before Martin ruins any new experiment M.O.M. is working on in her office each time they arrive to take their assignment. In one episode, Martin decides to go snooping around the center and in the process awakens a giant cave man whom they soon name "Java" (after Java man of course) and teach him the ways of the new world as they add him as a new member of their team.

    Reasons you might now want children under the age of ten watching include:

    1. Incest - There's this weird unshakable feeling of incest going on between Diana and Martin, IMHO.

    2. Violence - Diana physically assaults Martin in nearly every episode.

    3. Ignorance - The writers tend to be ignorant about other people's cultures, therefore reinforcing negative stereotypes.

    4. Frightening Images - some of the monsters the siblings have to fight can be unnerving and not to mention, scary!

    Just to mention a few. It airs on Nicktoons in the US.