• I am sorry to see that this film has achieved such a low average score, for I thought it was really pretty well done. Of course the plot has echoes of When Harry Met Sally, but for me it was sufficiently different to be readily distinguishable, apart from the fact that it took place over a much shorter time period, almost all the important action being in the central characters' college years.

    I liked it that Ryan was an archetypal nerd (but not a totally clueless geek), which made the whole development of an apparently platonic friendship (but evidently more on his side almost from the start) much more plausible. I know it's a cliché, but I liked his room mate, self-proclaimedly more knowledgeable about women, continually striking out in real life. I liked the quietly attractive but by no means glamorous heroine and her friend.

    Because it did not require so much suspension of disbelief as When Harry Met Sally, I think it worked better.