• I first saw this on Nickeleon(the old school one from the early 90s) during the holidays.

    I really liked this one, because it has a lot of your favorite Muppets all gathered up for Christmas at Fozzie's mother's farmhouse, who didn't expected her own son to bring company over.

    While Doc(from Fraggle Rock) was expected to have a quiet Christmas, but finds the farmhouse to be packed with Muppets. And to make it more interesting the entire Sesame Street Muppet gang came all the way from new york to celebrate with them.

    And not to mention the 5 main Fraggles from Fraggle Rock, who know little about Christmas also decide to join the fun. With these many Muppets all under on roof, you'll be sure to expect one enjoyable Christmas TV movie.

    With some Chirstmas Carols, and jokes. I'm sure any Muppet Fan will be pleased with this TV special. The cool thing is this was made when Jim was still around. He even made a cameo at the end just cause it's the holidays. I re watched this off of the recent DVD release which had a few minutes cut out of it. Cause I remember some extended scenes that were included in the TV version.

    Hopefully one day there'll be an uncut DVD of this fine Christmas program. If Jim were still alive, he'd be sure that this TV movie will remain uncut for everyone to enjoy.