• Warning: Spoilers
    This like many shows and movies brings back many memories of Christmas when I was a kid. This special aired in 87 when I was 5 and I am now 24, and to this day I still love this xmas special. Its always nice to remember xmas's from years ago just by watching a show or a movie. The first time I watched this Im pretty sure was the first time it aired on TV, my sister and I watched it Dec 24th, and i remember for at least a few years it aired on Dec 24th, and I remember it well when it didn't come on the next Dec24th, and thats been at least 15 years...Though it did come on many times it was never the same, it would come on early in the month, it would b edited to rat sh!t, just like this DVD release, I would never buy it cause it wouldn't be the same, but if your someone who can deal with about 10mins of edits, then buy it, cause its still a great xmas special..Heres a few of the edits, Most if not all the musical numbers, which do come on TV, I guess the musical #'s are copyrighted for TV, Fozzie bear's and the snowman telling jokes, Miss piggy falling on the steps, Most of the muppet babies, and much more...Though I have found this on the internet, with all of it intact, but it looks like someone taped it from years ago and put it on the internet for download...Though its not the same as I was a kid, every time I watch on my computer it brings back floods of great memories, and to me thats more important.