• Maybe not as hilarious as the current rating on here would suggest but this movie is pretty hilarious.

    This movie is what Laurel & Hardy is all about. A simple premise, a single setting and plenty of room for the boys alone to show their slapstick- and silly antics.

    Of course the movie and everything that happens in it is absolutely predictable. But then again Laurel & Hardy movies never have been about its surprises. It's all about the timing and the execution of it all, that makes the jokes and slapstick work and make the movie hilarious to watch.

    Some of the comical moments are stretched out a bit too long in the movie but some other hilarious moments and the ending, surely compensates for this. It also isn't their most original movie (although the ending surely is) and many comical moments were already used in previous Laurel & Hardy. Not the first time they did this as well but as always it doesn't really matter, since it works just as powerful, fun and hilarious, no matter how predictable or unoriginal it ever gets. Leave it up to Laurel & Hardy to make a movie like this one work as an hilarious and fun one.

    I consider this to be one of the Laurel & Hardy must-sees, since this is one of their most generic movies and shows what Laurel & Hardy movies in their essence are all about.