• Sincerely the first minutes of the movie i think that was other movie in what i say: OK! ... and no more, but there was a surprise... C.R.A.Z.Y is wonderful, i think is one of the best movies about the love in the family. I was in shock ...this is a movie that makes you think... this movie is a real movie.

    All of us have a family, no matter if you don't have a dad, a mom, brothers, you had maybe friends or a person which you share feelings, and that is important. And that i where we see the real importance of the things. Many times of our life, we worry about things without any importance. We wish things to be "happy" when maybe we have yet the things that we really need. That is the topic of "C.R.A.Z.Y". The story talk about a family like any other in the 60's and ahead. A family that share anything. And that is the because of why "C.R.A.Z.Y" is wonderful, because is a perfect and realistic portrait of any family. Families that have problems, laughs and dreams. There is Zach, a boy who loves smoke. The movie tell us all the conflicts of a family. Those conflicts go since the drugs to the personality of the children's. The movie is essential maybe because there is no movie with such artistic qualities that speak to us in a human and real (this two characteristics perhaps are the most important when we speak of a movie with such a delicate and interesting topic to us) about people like us.

    "C.R.A.Z.Y" is really an excellent film, impossible of lost (besides, the soundtrack has to David Bowie and Pink Floyd, enough reasons i think). An important film, beautiful for Christmas too. Yes ... this is an important film for the family and of course for you. And then we see the reality of that things and how is very important the people that we love.

    *Sorry for the mistakes... well, if there any