• 31 December 2006
    See it!
    Best movie out since City of God, Old Boy and better than Memento. Far surpasses Training Day - the other LA crime film from Ayer - for realism.

    I saw the reviews on www.rottentomatoes.com and have come to the conclusion that most critics are idiots. When they say it doesn't have a plot I'm assuming they mean doesn't have a beginning middle and end whereby someone falls in love, the bad guy is killed and everyone lives happily ever after. The consensus that it has a bleak plot when Million Dollar Baby's consensus was that "it's a knockout" is just astounding.

    Many of the reviewers criticizing the portrayal of LA are from other cities. They also seem to overdo their use of MS Word thesaurus. I'm actually angry at what I've read there and to me it's no surprise now that the likes of Titanic and Chicago win Oscars in America.

    The fact that these same critics gave Casino Royale (an OK action film with ridiculous dialog, coincidences and the strangest game of poker I have seen - a bad copy of a Jason Bourne movie) a 9.5 and complain that this film unrealistic is ignorant. Critics are paid to point out the flaws in movies which Bond films have in abundance but get away with it because they're "just" Bond films. To compare it to Taxi Driver or Training day is insulting. To give it a bad review is a step backwards in film art.

    Reading between the lines I am led to believe that the modern day critic is pretentious and out of touch with reality. They don't know how the average to below average earning person thinks. Some seem to be driven by the desire to maintain friendships with certain Hollywood personalities. Does anyone know a critic that agrees with this and thinks like almost everyone I know.

    Anyone know when the DVD goes on sale by the way?