• I have two memories of The Salton Sea from before I ever saw it. First, it was always in the cheap box at the movie store, and second, I liked the cover.

    So one Christmas, I picked a copy up for a friend, having heard good things. I could not have imagined what a strong film it was going to be, and it has been a personal favorite of mine ever since.

    It has all the pieces of a great film: an original story told through intense direction, a unique, perfectly acted main character(Kilmer's best by far); a fantastic villain (Vincent D'onofrio's masterpiece performance) and a brutally powerful ending.

    If you are in the mood for a fast, entertaining, dark, powerful and stylish neo-noir vengeance story; The Salton Sea is for you.

    Get a copy, you won't be let down, everything is absolutely first rate; and the film approaches greatness.