• Elsewhere in these reviews you been given excellent descriptions of performances and plot development. But, here and now, let's look a little deeper into our thinking about the three more important members of this C.R.A.Z.Y family: there's Michel Cote's "Dad"---he's the anchor around which "Zac's" life raft circles. And Marc-Andre Grondin's "Zac"---he's the one never so happy as when his father is accepting him.......acknowledging him. But never forget Danielle Proulx's "Mom"---she's every gay boy's "dream-delight" of a parent, the one who knows how to keep that 'different' child on an even keel.

    Here's a film trip downright engineered to dig up / dredge out memories of times with "Dad".......times in car washing driveways, times of just-you-two car rides----"connecting times" you'd thought....you'd hoped......but maybe not. And for many of us, perhaps other not so happy memories raising their ugly heads-----yet despite such uneasy moments, we've still got to say: Thank you, Director Vallee.

    Sudden inspiration!......did YOU catch it: Cote's "Dad" and Grondin's "Zac" are the 2-sides of the same coin. The two of them are more alike than any other 2 family members shown in this film. Sadly, how many wasted years and how much heartache til they found that out and, eventually, owned up to it. Repeating here, I believe a lot of "Dad's" 'problem' was that he sometimes realized he was a great deal more like "Zac" (or vice versa) than he was comfortable with. That's when their relationship would 'cycle down'. Ah, poor "Zac," how does one cope with that? Took him a very long time to figure out how to do so, didn't it?

    Finally, one thing truly stands out for me, and that is how very difficult it has to be for an, essentially, first-time theatrical film actor to, let's face it, carry a 2+ hour movie.........this being Grondin's first-ever theatrical release film since reaching teenage. And as a final thought about Marc-Andre, why not admit it: what an amazing kid; even more, what a great 'package'.......what a gorgeous ass! What more could Grondin want from life?

    PS--I'll tell you this---I'm gonna buy anything of Grondin's work that comes along. And Marc-Andre: if you're seeking an immigration sponsor, look no farther; I'm here.