• Warning: Spoilers
    Sara Collins managed to make it to Peter Manning by selling the car she stole from the hicks. Why she went back to Peter Manning was because it was the place she ran to after escaping Encompass and the place where she found original safety. As Sara and Peter embrace on the boat, the fourteenth episode begins with a sudden shot racing through the air and slicing through Peter Manning's back bone. He drops to the ground, and Sara falls to her knees to coax him, but Peter Manning dies.

    Out of the darkness, footsteps are heard, and then the three bad guys who had chased Sara with the black SUV and the helicopter, emerge with her "counselor." Sara's shaking her head in fear as the "counselor" explains how Sara will have to be "re-treated." But then, there are four simultaneous sniper shots, killing the "counselor" and his goons dead. Sara waits for the fifth shout to kill her, but instead the swat team, led by Agent Daniel and Agent Lin, emerge. "Sara Collins," Daniel calls out, "it's all right. You can come out. This is the FBI." Sara, still terrified, eases out from the boat, and into safety.

    Back at the Senator's house, Jeffery waits with Marcy, Max, Jessica, and Ben (he was dreaming that he shot Judge Wallace Rainer). The front door opens, and Agent Daniel and Min walk Sara in. The family goes up to her, embracing her with tears streaming down each one of their faces; they are so happy to see her and she can tell it. But then there is sudden silence as Max goes up to Sara, "The police said that the kidnappers showed the tape of me saying I hate you. I want you to know, I don't feel that way anymore. I love you Sara; I love you mom." She hugs him and asks to speak to the senator in private. As they adjourn in another room, Sara breaks down and tells him about the daughter she had and about Peter Manning. The senator accepts it though, and he swears that he will help get custody for her daughter, and that he will love Sara's daughter as much as he loves Sara. They embrace, and go back out into the meeting room.

    Back at the FBI lab, a cellular phone has been analyzed. It is the receiving phone Michael Tyner called to contact the goons and tell about Sara's whereabouts. The phone lists Michael's number, Judy's boss, and Senator Collins father. They go to arrest Michael and Judy's boss, but both have hung themselves. However, they do find Senator Jeffery's father in his quarter. They arrest him. However, he manages to sneak a pill into the jail. And as Agent Daniel is interrogating Senator's Collins dad, Jeffery's father asks for a cup of water, committing suicide and taking the secret to his grave.