• Alright so I've seen Training Day, which was a fantastic movie. I saw the previews for this, and was intrigued to go to the theater and check it out. I didn't, and boy am I glad. This movie had so much potential to be a great film, and turned out to be a total joke.

    Lets start off with the acting. I enjoyed Bale in American Psycho, but his acting in this was so unconvincing. The dialog between Bale and Rodriguez was so phony, so forced to throw in extra 'street' slang. Basically the impression I got from these two speaking was amateur. Bale is talking like he is some straight up 'G'. I suppose I cannot blame the actors completely for a weakly written script.

    The plot was a joke! It went nowhere. So Bale was a soldier and then is in Mexico with this girl he wants to marry in the US. Then he hooks up with Rodriguez who is an 'alcoholic bum' who needs to find a job, and they cruise around drinking and getting high. Sorry we saw the whole bad ass drinking/smoking/bullying while cruising South LA in Training Day before. Then the movie does a 360 and just loses me, goes nowhere.

    What a waste of two hours. How did someone approve this script? Horrible. If u really want to watch it for yourself go ahead. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    PS: Training Day 9/10 - Harsh Times 1/10