• You only have to watch INFERNO for a few moments to realize it was filmed originally in 3-D, the popular fad that existed in the early '50s to draw people away from their TV sets.

    But here, at least, it's used to great effect with many camera shots showing things tossed at the camera obviously designed for 3-D effect. But best of all, the story is a good one involving a man's survival on the desert after being dumped there by his greedy wife (RHONDA FLEMING) and her lover (WILLIAM LUNDIGAN). Fleming looks ravishing in Technicolor but she's a cold-hearted bitch.

    Surprisingly, it's ROBERT RYAN who turns into a sympathetic character once his situation looks hopeless. Another twist in the casting is having Lundigan play a villain for a change.

    The payoff (when it comes) is effective, as the plot moves toward an action-filled climax in the cabin where Ryan has been befriended by HENRY HULL. Lundigan returns with a shotgun aiming to make sure Ryan is dead when all hell breaks loose.

    Tidy little thriller is worth watching, well directed for taut suspense by Roy Ward Baker. Good cinematography, even without the 3-D look, and the well choreographed fight between Lundigan and Ryan is a realistic one.