• Warning: Spoilers
    From the opening sequence, Beautiful Dreamer tells a charming and touching story of the war years, only this was World War II. The marvelous cinematography and splendid music takes you back to that other time and place. Everything looks like old postcards from your grandmother's scrapbook.

    Claire and Joe, childhood sweethearts, get married and then life is interrupted. The war comes and Joe, a mechanic and pilot, heads off to Europe on a wing and a prayer. His plane is hit and he has to either bail with his crew or try to save a wounded comrade.

    Claire gets word Joe is Missing in Action. But life must go on. Then she hears from a guy in Joe's unit that Joe didn't die in the crash. Thus begins Claire's search for her heart. She finds him in a small town filled with wonderful people. But he doesn't know her. He doesn't even know himself.

    His war wounds, the mental scars, if probed could kill him. Claire has to decide if she loves him enough to let him go.

    Tommy (Joe's new identity) and his partner at a small airfield have a terrific B-24 rusting away on the tarmac. It's broken and not air-worthy, much like Tommy. If they can fix it up, they might save their business. Claire believes it can be fixed. Tommy tells her she's a dreamer.

    This is a beautiful story filled with charming characters. It takes you to a place you never want to leave.