• Warning: Spoilers
    A boozing, former Rodeo star, Sonny Steele(Robert Redford), touring as a celebrity advertising cereal, sees that a great race horse he is to ride with his suit lighted up bright is pumped full of steroids with a mistreated tendon. Instead of hopping up on the horse he deems disrespected, Sonny steals him taking to the country. Sonny hope to release the horse back into the wild, it's true habitat, but has a hard time shaking a news reporter, Alice(Jane Fonda)who wants the big story involving his journey evading police and those out to find him thanks to the cereal company he works for whose head is Hunt Sears(John Saxon).

    Light and harmless, but irresistible thanks to the charming leads and their chemistry on screen. Add some good location work, and some good supporting players like Valerie Perrine as Sonny's flighty ex and Willie Nelson as Wendell, one of his cowboy buddies.

    As can happen in these kind of Hollywood romancers on the road regarding a fugitive, the media plays a major role in Sonny's rise to fame for doing what he believes is right despite what consequences might occur later.