• Warning: Spoilers
    Over the years there have been many films depicting the lives & events of the James Gang. A few of them were more or less factual, this version is more fiction than fact. Rob Lowe & Bill Paxton are the James boys.

    Of course IMHO the best Jesse & Frank were Tyrone Power & Henry Fonda, Rob & Bill do not come close..

    The most glaring and obvious error was this,. IT WAS BOB FORD not CHARLIE FORD that shot Jesse in the back at end of film.

    There are other errors as well, which will not be detailed.

    Alexis Arquette portrays Charlie Ford, He does try I will say that,

    William Atherton gives the best performance as the detective Alan Pinkertion, he is a fine actor to boot & here he does a first class job. This may have been a better film if the acting by the leads was better. The production credits were OK.

    ratings **1/2 out of 4---67 points out of 100 IMDb 5 out of 10

    NOTE on points the 67 grad is just 3 points above a ** rating