• As is elsewhere mentioned, this was to have been a vehicle for Mae West. It's interesting to wonder what that might have been like. Ginger Rogers and Carol Channing provide an off beat duo for what is essentially a screwball comedy based on a wacky premise. Miss Channing was still trading on her Lorelei Lee persona and Miss Rogers was trying to expand her versatility as an actress rather than as Astaire's dancing partner. The summary constitutes the plot. It's amusing and the pairing works very well. Opposites do attract and Channing's brass is a perfect foil for Roger's class. The youthful Barry Nelson gets the not quite so youthful Ginger and a swell time is had by all. In this same vein, Phyllis Diller knocks out a stellar performance in "The First Travelling Sales Lady" which has belly laughs as opposed to the fun here. In this age a corset may take some explaining to many under sixty but the idea is fresh for the time it was made. Possibly Channing's best film having lost both "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" and "Hello Dolly". In both cases she was not thought to have the "star power" needed. A shame, really. But this, with her role as "Muzzy" in "Thoroughly Modern Millie", gives one the idea of her charm and dazzling stage presence. Though completely G-rated, the innuendo is there and slyly delivered. Children might be slightly bored but is a family film. Adults will be convulsed.