• It seems I'm going against the stream here. Pretty much everyone else here seems to like this movie, although I really, REALLY can't possibly imagine why.

    Until this day, I used to compare all crappy movies to "Isolation". A horrible attempt at a horror-movie, involving of all things a cow. But as of now, whenever I see a really bad movie, I'm going to think "Well, at least it wasn't as bad as Boys and Girls".

    This movie is about... eh.. two people - a girl and a boy - who bump into each other at random places at regular intervals. And when they do, they start a boring conversation that usually ends with them disagreeing over something pointless, and parting again. These dialogs are not at all funny, not interesting, and most of the time, they don't make any sense at all.

    The editing is also confusing. Entire years pass by in a cut without any indication hereof, other than the changing hairstyles of the characters. Several breakups take place, without you even knowing they were dating in the first place. And the shallowness - oh, the shallowness. You will hear dialog resembling: "So, I just got dumped. Are you still with your boy-/girlfriend, because if not, we can like hook up". And here I was, thinking romantic movies were supposed to have at least some romance.

    So, no romance. And seeing as not a single sentence or scene in this movie was even remotely funny to me, I wouldn't call it a comedy either. And the drama kind of disappears when the dialog doesn't make sense, and the characters are impossible to sympathize with. That really leaves an hour and a half of absolutely NOTHING.

    Watch at your own risk.