• Warning: Spoilers
    Michael Newman loves his family. But he wants to be promoted no matter what, since in this way he could spend more time with his wife, Donna, and Ben and Samantha, his kids. One day,he argues with Donna that he could not stay with his family in an important camp day, and goes out, angry, to buy a universal remote control, since he always had problems with the amount of remote controls they had in their house. He then meets Morty, a strange man and inventor that gives him a one-of-a-kind universal remote control, that cannot be returned. Michael finds out that the remote is literally universal: it controls the universe, and interprets his wishes,altering time and reality, as well as he can ''forward'' things he doesn't want to wait and ''pause'' others. Michael starts using the remote in his way, and discovers that he boss waits forever to give him a promotion, while making him spend more and more time with work each time. The time passes very quick, and the remote is automatically programmed (by his usage of it) to skip or fast-forward many important things of Michael's life. When he sees the thing is out of control, he tries to destroy the remote, but it doesn't work.

    ''Click '' is a mix of comedy and drama, but if I needed to choose a category, it would be drama for sure. The funny parts are only in the beginning and the rest of the movie it's actually sad. It's the first movie with Adam Sandler that I think is worthwhile to watch, since it is the first movie I watch with him that is not full of silly jokes. ( I think comedy actors should make more drama movies - it's impressive how many of them actually are good and beyond the silly cheap movies. Like Jim Carrey, who was great in ''Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind''). The movie is a life lesson for itself, since it shows a man who faces the consequences of always putting his family behind his work duties, a thing that happens a lot in our modern society. It's very sad to see how Michael's anxiety for promotion, made him be so away from his family and a cold man, as well as his family giving up on him.

    As I read in the message board, this movie has many things in common to ''It's a Wonderful Life'', a movie that I would definitely recommend to everybody to watch before or after ''Click''.