• Warning: Spoilers
    I must applaud the Planet Of The Apes series, all of them are very character driven and have well rounded and likable characters and this is no exception. The story works, the characters are great. It's amazing how they were able to continue the series, trust me, see the second planet of the apes movie and you'll learn how amazing. Now for the bad part, without giving anything away, the climax of the film was very, very sad and the ends justifies the means is no answer. What the villain does wrong is not trying to chance history, is how he does it. Making peace is more of an answer, it's war mongers that will destroy this world bring about the Planet Of The Apes, not these gentle strangers from tomorrow. Now that I said that I must recommned this movie to all of the people who liked the Tim Burton remake, see the classic Planet and see how much Tim screwed it up. 9 STARS.