• I saw this film at TIFF and I couldn't believe how well it captured Vancouver, the quiet star of the film. My criteria for evaluating a film is simple: would I recommend it to a friend? And, this is one film I would. As a former Vancouver resident I loved watching the nuances of life in the city captured on film. It's Vancouver as Vancouver, not New York or Chicago or Los Angeles. If you've never been or aren't familiar with West Coast life then it may seem a little strange...seriously, most Vancouverites could secretly admit to knowing someone in their group of family and friends who have a grow-op in the basement. The relationship between Ryan (Paul Costanzo) and Ming (Steph Song) is sweet and charming, and much like that of many typical Gen-X characters in Douglas Coupland's books. That said, if you're a Coupland fan, you'll love this film.