• "I kind of stand out from the crowd, don't I?" Yeah, Daffy, you certainly do, which is why we love you.

    Anyway, that's the question my favorite duck asks in the beginning of this cartoon as we see four ducks just sitting there on a pond doing nothing, except for Daffy. He's filing his nails! When Porky Pig comes by firing shotguns, the ducks stick their head in the water, but Daffy puts on a swim cap first. Then he walks out of the water and tells Porky that he's not dealing with the average duck.

    "I'm gifted, just slopping over with talent." Yup, he's different all right. To demonstrate, he sings, dances, does imitations, a one-act drama, shows Porky his Warner Brothers contract, etc.

    Unfortunately, a decent share of the humor in here is a bit juvenile or dated or just not plain funny. Some of Daffy's remarks are good, as always. Frankly, I liked the 1950s Daffy Duck cartoons better than these 1940s efforts. They are a lot more sophisticated in the humor department.