• Greetings again from the darkness. Terrific little French film with many subtle performances and script nuances. Director Daniele Thompson gives the film an intimate feel mostly through the wide and sparkling eyes of Cecile De France as Jessica.

    There are a few overlapping story lines, all of which the eager Jessica manages to nose in on. While her looks remind of Brittany Murphy, she brings the spirit of Giulietta Masina ("La Strada") to the role. All of the supporting actors do a very nice job, but Valerie Lemercier really stands out as Catherine - the soap opera actor trying so hard to impress big time director Sydney Pollack. Another stand out is Dani, who seems to freelance her way through life and the role.

    There are some nice shots of Paris, but of course, it is never enough. The pace is traditional French cinema as the dialogue is measured, but the emotions are the real story. Jessica basically lives out the life that her grandmother has spent years describing. While most of the film is upbeat, melancholy is not in short supply. Also, some tremendous music throughout - especially the Liszt and Mozart pieces.