• I'm so offended by the awfulness of this movie that I don't even want to expend the energy necessary to tell you in detail how bad it was, such is my absolute hatred for this movie - BUT, it is my duty as a movie lover and as a human being to do my best to prevent you from having to watch this complete dog turd. You will thank me and be pleased that you are not now doing what I am doing: trying to think of a way to strike myself across the head in such a way that I will forget I ever saw this thing. Though, I may not really wish to do that on the off chance I succeed, happen upon the title once again and decide it might be interesting.

    It was not interesting. It was terrible. I feel like weeping. Better still, I feel like kicking David Ayer in the groin.

    In short, the flick is about some losers being losers in the most non-interesting and non-compelling way possible, and in the end you wish more people had died, especially Ayer. Suckfest 2006. Worst movie I've seen in years, and I've seen a LOT of movies.

    Christian Bale plays the part of a white guy who wishes he was a street-savvy Mexican gangsta. Apparently, he's ex military, and apparently, this is supposed to have had some impact on his present personality.

    He is as convincing in this role (both as an ex-mil and as a Mexican) as Vanilla Ice is convincing as a hardcore rapper. Random extras acted better in this movie. I believe there was a Coke machine in the distance that seemed more Mexican/street than Christian Bale. I have begun to wonder if Bale can act without Christopher Nolan, or if it was simply the fault of Ayer, who in all honesty really should be arrested for terroristic activities. I can't think of another description for this flick than 'nuclear bomb'.

    Don't see it, or if you do, don't say I didn't warn you.