• I also watched Boy Meets World while i was growing up and for the most part it was entertaining, heart warming and fun.

    Cory was funny when he was younger but he seemed to lose the fun as he got older, i know he went to uni and had commitments etc. but it's a kids show and he grew up just a little 'too' much, on the verge of fuddy duddy, whilst Shawn was all over the place, amazing their friendship even survived such differences.

    Topanga was more interesting at the beginning too; she was kooky and eccentric but by the end all she cared about was marriage and babies (it seems that's what they think all girls think about when they hit 18)

    Eric meanwhile grew considerably dumber and the parents were awful with their sugar coated advice and mr. Feeny's life lessons were just stomach turning.

    Cory and Topanga ended up not going a second without professing their love for each other and saying things like 'we've loved each other since we were three years old' Yeah right, he never seemed that fond of her at age 11 when it began, it ended up so sickly sweet and the drama often so depressing that it was hard to even call it a kid's comedy anymore.

    Good early on, Eric one of the best back then, and really liked Minkis but the later series were hard to watch for fear of bringing up your breakfast.