• Warning: Spoilers
    The title is derived from a line in the movie relating to getting a fresh horse under you when the one you are riding is worn out. It is a reference to getting a new girlfriend when you get tired of the one you have been with.

    Andrew McCarthy is 20-something Engineering student Matt Larkin in Cincinnatti. He has just become engaged to a wealthy but otherwise rather dull girl in a reception that looks like a big deal for the family. His good buddy is Ben Stiller as Tipton who gets Matt to go to this house out in the country where a lady informally has people over for relaxation, food, and drinks. There Matt encounters Molly Ringwald as Jewel, an intelligent but undereducated young lady who tells him she is 20, but some rumors later say she is only 16. Other rumors say she is married. Matt has an instant attraction to Jewel.

    I believe this movie was billed as a followup to "Pretty in Pink", a 1986 movie with the two main actors here. Both McCarthy and Ringwall impress me more than I thought they would, each created good characters in what turned out to be, for me, a rather ordinary movie.

    Viggo Mortensen, already about 30, has a small but important role as Green.

    SPOILERS. Meeting Jewel made Matt realize that he didn't really want to marry the girl he was with, and she did not take the breakup very well. It turned out that Jewel really was married, to Green, she says as a way to get away from her stepfather. Matt goes overboard to help Jewel get out of her situation, but it is never clear that Jewel was being honest with him. After Jewel ultimately rejects Matt's love, he graduates and goes off to graduate school "up north." They have a chance encounter a year later, at an outdoor event at night, Jewel is with a new guy who seems very nice, she moves close to Matt and whispers in his ear, "Thank you" .