• Obviosly this was a spoof of Top Gun. I don't know why anyone needs to spoof Tom Cruise, as I feel he does pretty good job of spoofing himself with his jumping on the couch. Beside that, South Park spoof him better than anyone I've seen.

    Mel Brooks is the best at spoofs. They should t6ake some lessons from him. There were a few laughs here, but most of the gags were pretty stupid.

    I like Charlie Sheen, so I hung in there, but I will not be back.

    I have to say, Valeria Golino, where have you been all my life? Italian and Greek, just like Michael's wife in The Godfather. I see she is doing something with Harvey Keitel next year. I can hardly wait. I see also that she was in a take-off of James Nond. I'll have to check that out. I'll also have to look for Frida and Escape from L.A.