• Warning: Spoilers
    Is that you might actually be amused if things turned out better than you thought it would. I am a sucker for any Asian horror movie, and I have been burned more than I would rather care. This third and final installment of One Missed Call franchise have me going in with lower than average expectation on this movie. I mean, come on, we pretty much know everything already, the cursed phone calls, the creepy ring tone, and the girl from beyond hell, but this movie actually is kind of fun to watch.

    In short, a group of Japanese (what else?) high school students is taking a field trip to South Korea before graduation, but they are missing one of their own. Asuka not long before the trip decided to hang herself in the dark and empty high school where all of her so-call friends have abused her without pity. (what's with Japanese and Korean school girls killing themselves in their school in all of the Asian-horror that I have seen?) Anyway, one of them is Emily, yes a western name for once. Emily seems to be the candidate for the heroine role. She seems to catch on as each member of the group began to drop dead and figuring out who is doing the bad deed. This time something new has sprung up, when a person receives the death call, he or she could forward the call onto another person, thus avoiding death him or herself.

    The role of Emily is played by Kuroki Meisa, a breath of fresh air in the world of J-horror I must say. She was able to carry out the role of Emily very well as with her ability to scream. Kudo to the director for casting this actress that's not like all other Japanese actresses in term of looks and acting skill. The special effects are on par with the first One Missed Call, but after watching the first two films, the scare factors have diminished greatly. The saving grace of the movie is the ability to forward the death call to another person turned the group into a pseudo-Lord of the Flies'ish savages where everybody is out to save him or herself. At the end of the movie things turns a bit melodramatic between Asuka and Emily and the ending is typical of all J-horror movies. Also, I still don't get why would the film be set in South Korea since so little of the locales was used in the film, unlike the One Missed Call 2, where the locales of Taiwanese island were used effectively.