• I ran across Sleep Always while browsing for information on a newly purchased Super8 camera, and the visuals from the frames I had seen were interesting enough that I purchased a copy of the DVD, for studying the modified gate.

    Instead of a technical study, I was sucked into what to this date is still a personal favorite movie of mine. It is brilliantly shot, well acted, and frankly, an amazing piece of art. It is not often that you find art for arts sake out there, and even rarer that it becomes as all enveloping as Sleep Always is. To date, I still am finding moments within the movie that take me by surprise. A masterpiece from Canada, indeed.

    As the story unravels, you watch a man fall into obsession as great as drugs or money, an obsession with an ideal, a womanly vision that remains forever just out of his reach. As he tears himself between obsession and revulsion, you watch his life falling apart before your eyes. How it is handled is sheer genius, a master of the trade.

    And even more amazing how the limitations of equipment did not only fail to detract from the movie, it added to it, so much so that I would venture that if it were shot any other way, it would never have worked.