• Geetanjali, a great movie by Mani Ratnam with arguably the best music album of Ilayaraja...

    This is the only Telugu movie directed by mani ratnam till date and he has ensured that his place in the annals of telugu movie history is safe with this movie.

    Ilayaraja, that maestro of Indian movie music is known for providing his best to Mani Ratnam. Even considering this, Geetanjali was Ilayaraja's greatest single album ever.

    Both Mani & Ilayaraja were at a great advantage, working in this movie because they were unencumbered by living up to the expectations of their native Tamil movie background.

    As it emerged both of them reached heights they never did before or after with this movie... (yeah, i know the entire series of maniratnam's movies and most of Ilayaraja's music...)

    The main protagonist's death is but a matter of ti me, and the leading lady is in a similar situation. But as it happens, the protagonist learns to live his life "in the now" from the leading lady and in the process they grow together. I wont say they fall in love because the movie never considers the romantic side of their life.

    Despite there being a whole song showing them kissing each other, it does not appear that they are sexually involved. That song depicts them getting together as companions in their struggle against their destiny, rather than sexually involved.

    Other aspects of the movie worth mentioning are the great photography and fabulous screenplay. Despite being saddled with a large number of songs, and no real story to speak of, viewer will never feel the time ticking by during the movie.

    And at the end of the movie, you think if only this movie lasted longer... That probably is the best compliment you can give a movie.

    The comedy track interspersed with the movie is the only part that sticks out like a sore thumb and i think that was mani's way of taking care of the commercial interests of the producer. Luckily in most versions on television that i saw eliminated this track and i never missed this piece. But i detest this track and so the movie gets only 8 out of 10.