• Warning: Spoilers
    I emphasize **spoiler**, because to make my point I am giving away the ending, which I myself would not want to have known before seeing the film (the Greek subtitled release passably dubbed in English). I read what others have written, and I was well into the film before I started seeing it differently. The story involves a "family" of five individuals, who experience good times with each other, but as the film progresses we see their indulgences, failings, weakness, and even treachery. We see each of the five as human beings, likable despite their wrongdoing, and we can understand why they do the things that they do. What struck me most is that despite the family breaking up, despite the disappointments, the jealousy, and what could have been hatred, all five in the end went their own way to make a better life and left without anger or rancor for one another. There was plenty of reason for anger, contempt, hatred, and revenge, but they had a commemorative photo taken to remind themselves of the good times they once had.

    It quite a ways into the film before I saw that the film is not as certain others have depicted it. There is enough sex to cloud some people's interpretation (both the sex and the film itself) and even turn off those who are disturbed by such scenes, which I consider done very beautifully. Note that when their relationship is all over, Giselle speaks of the beauty lying around and Haydee responds, "Yes, indeed, the world is full of beauty if we can only see it." If only somehow most of us would be willing to put aside our criticism, our anger, our indignation, and our thoughts of vengeance and be willing to see the beauty around us.