• Warning: Spoilers
    In recent years, Britain has become increased with the crime of identity theft. This documentary from comedian and writer Bennett Arron had been a victim of identity theft himself, and he wanted to prove how easy it can be to do it. He decided to look in the phone book and pick on the two people with the same name, his favourite superhero, Peter Parker (Spider-Man). Over the many days in his film, he raided (illegally) through both the Parkers' trash bins to find some forms or anything with their details, and with these he would steal their identity getting a credit in their names, and using their account money to buy stuff. When he had done this he confessed to the one Peter Parker he did manage to hit on. He was going to show this evidence to the Home Secretary, John Reid, but he left parliament days before a meeting Arron tried to scheduled. He was hoping to meet the new secretary with his evidence, but the documentary didn't end happily, he was put in prison (not for theft, I can't remember what it was). Very good!