• Warning: Spoilers
    Probably the world's most-watched film (GONE WITH THE WIND running a close second), THE WIZARD OF OZ is an enduring, magical piece of fantasy that has permeated popular culture like no other film before or since. There are hundreds of unforgettable, instant-classic moments in the film, with the Yellow Brick Road, Dorothy and Toto, the songs, Garland's dazzling ruby red slippers, sepia-toned Kansas and the closing line "There's no place like a home!" just a few of the wondrous delights that THE WIZARD OF OZ offers.

    It is hard to believe that the filing of "Oz" was so fraught with problems when you view the finished product. It seems a thing of absolute perfection, with Garland's casting a stroke of genius. Her wistful interpretation of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" is the stuff of legend. The spellbinding Technicolour photography is still a massive achievement, as is Oz, the utopia land of dreams and magic.

    Most audiences discover the film in childhood, and they will be pleased to find out that the film is just as magical when viewed as an adult, perhaps many years later, if not more.