• I love baseball games, stories, novels and, yes, movies about the sport. However, there are exceptions to most things and that's the case here (and "Major League") because it's not really a baseball story.....just a tale about low-life people. It's no surprise that Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Kevin Costner play the leading roles in this sleazy film. It goes right along with their real-life backgrounds, especially Sarandon and Robbins.

    Soo....instead of an old-fashioned nice sports story, or a clean comedy about baseball, all you get is sleazy dialogue about a female owner of a team whose sole aim is to jump in bed with this promising rookie. And "promising" doesn't mean his baseball talent.

    The sport takes a back seat to sex in this movie, plain and simple. The dialog is very profane filled with blasphemy and all of that seems to be the real focus of this film, nothing else. It's almost like an "in" joke among these elitist Hollywood people who made this.

    I am sorry that Costner, who does have some reverence for the game and knows how to play it, lowered himself to play this role. Making fun of baseball, or its owners or players is fine - but this is just below-the-belt humor and not really very funny. This movie is praised way more than it's deserved to be.