• Every so often I see a film that I get addicted to. As soon as I watch it in the cinema I know I'm going to buy it the day it comes out on DVD.

    Well The Prestige is the latest of these. This film gets better and better with each viewing. Hugh Jackman should have won many awards for his role. People say "Oscar" but there are better awards out there than that, the Oscars are about as representative of what's the "very best" as the IMDb's Top 250 list is.

    People have told me that they predicted the end, well that's their funeral, I never clicked until it was revealed for me, so I got much more value for my money.

    Christopher Nolan is a master. Even though he seems quite humourless in his DVD extra interviews. He makes extremely entertaining films that are well cast and superbly executed, just as the Prestige is.

    All those who never liked the film should be rounded up in a field and used for crazed scientific experiments, we could use Tesla!