• This movie worked very well for me. The Performances of Farrell as Bandini and Salma Hayek were very strong with the Irishman giving one of his best performances as the bullish and cocky yet vulnerable writer. I've always been impressed with Hayek from seeing her first in Desperado and she does not disappoint in this. She exudes a great sexuality but with a playful quality that holds a viewers attention throughout. She makes you believe in her Camilla Lopez.

    Towne has given a great feel to his film with an exceptionally constructed Set of thirties Los Angeles and some beautifully put together and lit scenes and an accurate wardrobe of the time. Save for the slightly obvious ending the film plays out well and with enough of a message inside it but nothing that slides the actors off into tedium, boredom or repetition. I have to say also, that the movie was better with a second viewing and I was really rooting for Arturo and Camilla to find exactly what they were looking for. Overall I recommend Ask the Dust as well crafted and underrated piece.