• After the mysterious death of her niece and three other teenagers on the same hour and with the symptoms of heart attack, the journalist Sun-ju (Eun-Kyung Shin) decides to investigate their last moments. She discloses that the four friends had just watched a videotape exactly one week before their death in a resort. She travels to the place and finds the deadly video and after watching the weird footage, her telephone rings. When she takes a picture of herself, she sees her image blurred the same way that happened with the teenagers. She makes a copy of the cursed tape to her acquaintance, the skeptical coroner Choi Yeol (Jin-Yeong Jeong). Together they seek for a hint, and find that it was taped thorough telekinesis by Eun-suh (Du-na Bae), a psychic girl that had disappeared years ago. When Sun-ju's little daughter watches the movie, Sun-ju has a stronger reason to unravel the mystery to save her daughter and her own lives.

    "The Ring Virus" is the South-Korean remake of the excellent 1998 "Ringu". This version is not bad, but why the remake? The story is exactly the same of the original Japanese film and in spite of the good acting, there is nothing new in this remake. I was curious to see this version and in the end I found it in the same level of the American "Ring". But in the end, better off watch again the original masterpiece, which is darker and scarier. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): Not Available