• Warning: Spoilers
    This is either the funniest action movie ever or the most violent comedy. The screenplay by Shane Black is priceless - even if I have seen it countless times, The Last Boy Scout always brings a smile to my face. And of course we have the duo Bruce Willis / Damon Wayans, with great chemistry and comedic timing.

    Private detective Joe Hallenbeck (Willis in his "sardonic action hero" mode) has a messy personal life. His colleague Mike (Bruce McGill) asks him to protect Cory (Halle Berry) from mysterious threats. When both Mike and Cory are killed, Hallenbeck and Cory's boyfriend Jimmy (Wayans), ex-quarterback, team up to solve the case.

    The two leads are perfect, but the supporting cast is also brilliant, with Halle Berry, McGill as Hallenbeck's sleazy pal, Taylor Negron as smug baddie Milo and young Danielle Harris in a vivid turn as Hallenbeck foul-mouthed daughter.

    A great action comedy, and one of the late Tony Scott's best movies. To quote Joe Hallenbeck, "You can't just walk up and slap a guy, you have to say something cool first".